Lamber - Commercial Conveyor Dishwasher - M150 ED

Lamber - Commercial Conveyor Dishwasher - M150 ED

Lamber - Commercial Conveyor Dishwasher - M150 ED

Model Number: EUR-M150 ED

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PDF Spec Sheet

UL Certified UL Certified

UL Certified

This product has been tested and meets safety standards imposed by hte Underwriters Laboratories.

ETL Certified ETL Certified

ETL Certified

This product meets the electrical product safety standards imposed by the ETL for use in the US and Canada.

Energy Star Approved Energy Star Approved

Energy Star Approved

Energy Star certified appliances are built to energy efficient standards, saving you money in the kitchen.

NSF Certified NSF Certified

NSF Certified

This product has met requirements for safety, quality, sustainability & performance standards set by the NSF group.

Hardwired Hardwired


This product must be hardwired; it does not plug into a standard wall outlet.

Three Phase Three Phase

Three Phase

This product requires three phase power, common in commercial establishments and restaurants.

208-240V 208-240V


This product requires 208V-240V.


Lamber - Conveyer Dishwasher - M150 ED

Special Order. THE ENVIRONMENTAL CHOICE If you are looking for one of the most dependable, cost efficient and highest quality line of ware washing equipment, Lamber LINE of products is the sure choice. ALL models are constructed of AISI 304 18/10 stainless steel inside and out. Standard features include stainless steel wash and rinse arms (top & bottom), soft start, high temperature BOOSTERS (no SANITIZERS required), easy to use digital controls and water consumption as low as 2 Litres (1/2 gallon) of water per cycle on most models (providing enormous savings on soap and rinse costs).


  • Conveyor Dishwasher: M150 ED with boiler, rinse, gravity drain and soap pump.
  • Tunnel Composition: 3 upper pre-wash arms, 1 lower pre-wash arms. 3 Upper wash arms, 2 lower wash arms. 1 Upper rinse arm and 1 lower rinse arm.
  • Electronic Controls, Completely Automatic: complete control of the entire washing process.
  • Stainless Steel Construction: AISI 304 18/10.
  • Double skin with acoustic & thermal insulation: Less water consumption and energy efficient.
  • Drawn washing tank slanted with rounded edges: Seamless interior prevents leakage.
  • Rotating stainless steel upper & lower wash rinse arms: Longer lasting and easier to clean.
  • Replaceable wash and rinse arms: Easy replacement, disassembly and interchangeable.
  • Stainless Steel Auto Draining Washing Pump.
  • Drain Valve allows to automatically empty the tank simply by pressing a button.
  • Insulated Boiler.
  • Tank and Pump Filters.
  • Counterbalanced Door.
  • Rinse aid dispenser and detergent pump: Dispenses detergent and rinse aid efficiently.
  • Included Accessories: 4 General Baskets.

Quick Facts:

  • Gravity Drain
  • 210 racks per hour
  • 3360 dishes per hour
  • Rack size is 20” x 20”
  • Plate clearance of 16.54"
  • Boiler element is 33000 W, tank element is 6000 watts
  • Total Rating is 41366 W
  • Wash temperature is 140°F, rinse temperature is 180-194°F
  • Hard wired required
  • 208 - 240 V, three phase
  • One year parts and labour warranty on site
  • Water inlet: ½ in. pipe with ¾ in. male threaded hose fitting
  • Must be connected to hot water only, 50 – 60°C (120 – 140°F)
  • Made in Italy
  • Tables are not included.

Electronics Overview:

  • 1 - Low tension keyboard drives
  • 2 - A Digital display indicates the temperatures of different tanks
    Sequential visualization of inlet/washing/rinse water temperature
    Single visualization of the other temperatures through push selector switch
  • 3 - PCB-board programming according to the type of machine and to the customer's demand
  • 4 - Alerts and functions showed on a display
    Warning light indicating "door open"or absence of overflow (when present)
    Limit switch alarm
    Water-fail alarm (tank loading)
    Fluxmeter alarm (when present)
    Thermic relays alarm motors
    Signaling of various functions and cycles starting
  • 5 - Rinse boiler filling at daily starting
  • 6 - Speed selection push button or machine running with motor drive off
  • 7 - Drying push button and light (when present)
  • 8 - Pre-rinse push button and light (when present)
  • 9 - Autotimer push button and light (when present)
  • 10 - Rinse light
  • 11 - Fluxmeter light (when present)
  • 12 - Basket entry light (when present)
  • 13 - Washing tank water level light


  • cUL, UL certified
  • NSF Certified
  • Energy Star Approved


  • Height: 68"
  • Width: 76.75"
  • Depth: 32.5"
  • Weight: 638lbs







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M150 ED


Hard Wire / 3 Phase

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1 Year



Lamber is shipped free across Canada on orders over $99. Family owned and operated in Italy since 1976, Lamber has provided quality high-temperature commercial dishwashers for commercial kitchens and restaurants across the globe. Due to their high temperatures, the use of chemical sanitizers is not required.